Monday, February 6, 2017

Are You Getting Mid-Pacific Today Magazine?

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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Shall We Continue The Mentorship Program in 2017-2018?

18 mentors are needed to secure the 2017-2018 school year. Please secure the mentorship program by nominating someone and completing a one-minute survey.
Congratulations to Kyle Yanabu or being the most popular mentor for the 2016-2017 year! Thanks to all of our mentors for working with the Class of 2017 seniors!

Saturday, January 7, 2017


A big thank you to the reunion committee, teachers, alumni and the many significant others that came to our reunion on Dec. 23!! This doesn't picture all of the attendees, but it gives you an idea of some of the people you may not have seen in awhile!

We're taking a break, so blog posts will be slowed. We'll see you at the 20th reunion in 2021!

Wednesday, November 30, 2016


There are two days left to buy your $30 ADVANCED TICKETS to the reunion on Friday, Dec. 23, 2016! For event details and to purchase your ticket right now, visit:

Special thanks to our superstar classmates Jan Kunimoto), Jacie Ann Oda and Aka Beaumont! Take a look at the door prizes / silent auction prizes including tickets to dinner shows, restaurant vouchers and name-brand t-shirts!!
$35 Regular Ticket Prices begin on Saturday, Dec. 3 to Dec. 23. A portion of ticket proceeds will go back to Mid-Pacific Institute. BUY NOW!

Friday, November 18, 2016

Visiting Campus To Test Out Our Sign Props!

Yesterday, Dez Miyahira and Mrs. Reed helped me test our our photo prop signs for our 15-year reunion. Note my sign with Mrs. Ikeda

Other photo prop signs include "Sensei's Favorite", "Seu's Regular Visitor" among other signs that are relevant to our high school and teachers.

Ticket sales are currently at $30 until Dec. 2. Prices go up to $35/person on Dec. 3.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Mrs. Reed’s Unique Approach in Interviewing Daniel McArdle-Jaimes

Written By Guest Blogger: Mrs. (Allyson) Reed

Daniel’s Note: Mrs. Reed was volunteered by Dezarae (Ramos) Miyahira to draft a blog about me. After successfully avoiding all texts and voice messages, she insisted that I email her responses to her questions. Then I found myself writing my own blog (which was what I was trying to avoid). After reviewing my responses, she ended up nixing the entire thing anyway. And so, after months of waiting, she finally turned in a dramatic narrative for your enjoyment (certainly not mine)! In the end, hopefully this will explain the dynamics of our eccentric relationship a little bit better...while trying to catch you up about what I’ve been up to the last 15 years when we’re not trying to throw each other under the bus.  

Most of you know that Daniel and I have a love-like relationship.   Perhaps we bond through our love of MPI and service to the school, or though our sarcastic attitude and sassiness, or even through our love of San Francisco—where we have jaunted through the city together.  It is nice to have seen Daniel grow into a responsible employee, a crazy doggy-dad, a loving husband, and my adult nemesis.

Who is Daniel?  According to your Facebook page, “ He is an in-demand national speaker, author, and educator and has served dozens of clients in the public, private and non-profit sector, including government utilities, universities, real estate, healthcare, avocados, and lifestyle brands.”  I don’t know what he served the avocados or why he served the avocados but I am sure that when he did serve them, the avocados were impressed with his level of detail and service.  I once asked DMJ what he did in SF and he replied in mumbo jumbo.  I didn’t understand what he said (and I still don’t) but what I do know is this…if Mrs. O’Leary’s cow kicked the bucket  of coal again, DMJ has made the city of San Francisco safe.

Ryan McArdle and Daniel Jaimes married in a heartfelt ceremony in the city of San Francisco.  Since then, their family life has merged into The Brady Bunch is Keeping Up with the Kardashians.  While the McArdles are small tight knit family, the Jaimes family is filled with drama (we have been witness to this in real life at numerous school events) and emotion. While the McArdles number about 8 and are in Portland, the Jaimes (and Higa) family numbers in the hundreds and can be found in all corners of the globe.  While the McArdles revel in peace and harmony, the Jaimes family explodes like fireworks on New Year’s Eve.

Daniel’s note: The McArdles are a small loving bunch, and we “argue” about silly things like… actually I can’t think of an argument we’ve ever had yet. Whereas, my extended Jaimes (and Higa) side feels like we have all of this unnecessary drama that surrounds us and it always seems to come back to haunt one of us (mostly me) later because someone in the family was gossiping or it was some secret that was revealed to me as an adult 15 years later...<queue the Korean soap opera music>. 

My God-puppy, Kai, is subjected to this bi-polar environment of hot apple pie topped  with spicy salsa.  Daniel cannot pass up a deal so when puppies were on sale for $50 at the San Francisco SPCA , the first McArdle-Jaimes baby came into being.  Hoping to expand their family, the McArdles- Jaimes family moved to Portland to be near family because Daniel does not trust himself with babies.  Honest words are spoken as my God-Puppy spent time at the vet on the day prior to my meeting him. Daniel indulged Kai the day before and allowed him to eat grapes (Grapes are poisonous  for some dogs).  Six-hundred dollars poorer (there went the puppy deal) and a bit wiser, Kai has puppy insurance and Daniel is now ready to move on to humans.

If I had known Paul Griffing would be so popular, I would have kept his papers and, no…Daniel, I did not keep any of yours. I hope Paul Griffing is present at the reunion as everyone is curious about this enigma of a lad.  Daniel Kardashian remembers him as “competition”.  Daniel admits snubbing him as a sophomore but later learned to appreciate Paul’s individualism, caring spirit, and kind heart.  This golden boy (Paul) is presently following in his family footsteps, working in the insurance industry, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Daniel’s life right now is consumed with the Class of 2001 mentorship and reunion.   Your class has been described as having a “unique energy” (fill in the euphemism here). Daniel remembers the many unique personalities our class had, including Chad Wheeler, Chad Nishi, Liann Unebasami, Jacie Ann Oda, Max Sato, Hiroaki Sakuma, Grant Shibuya, Kristen Tamashiro, Danny Pereira, Troy Matsumura, Ken Tsubata...and hopes to reconnect with all of you in December. He is also hoping to see all teachers and staff so that they can how their care and patience were successful in producing individuals who are not only professionals in your fields but who also contribute back to the communities you live in.

Daniel is also excited to see if his first social experiment is successful.   He says, “This reunion will serve as a huge milestone to visibly showcase and to see if the social media efforts and mentorship efforts in re-engaging each other and rebuilding our class a year out was successful or not.” It would be a huge tribute to Daniel and to your class if everyone would make the 2016 Holiday season as one that is devoted to family, friends, and the Mid-Pacific Class of 2001.

This is a true story.  I am my own eye witness.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Two Days Left for $25 Early Bird Tickets!


The Mid-Pacific Class of 2001 welcomes our beloved teachers, staff and friends from ALL Mid-Pacific alumni classes to join us at our 15-year reunion & celebration!

Earlier this year, the Class of 2001 demonstrated a commitment to redefine alumni relations by implementing a mentorship/scholarship program for the Class of 2017. To celebrate its success, we seek to bring together teachers, staff and our friends from other classes to showcase the value, influence and distinction the Mid-Pacific alumni network has to offer.
Through charitable corporate sponsors earned by the Mid-Pacific network, local businesses will have a front row seat to appreciate how Mid-Pacific graduates are a network filled with accomplished, innovative and dynamic leaders who are dedicated, loyal and continuously give back to the community.

For more information about becoming a corporate sponsor or recommending one, contact the Class of 2001 Alumni Representative Daniel McArdle-Jaimes at

Buy your $25 early bird ticket(s) or make a class donation today:
Prices increase to $30/person on Saturday, Nov. 5!